The School

Telangana Sports School offers classes from 4th standard to intermediate.

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The school currently coaches in 11 disciplines – archery, football, gymnastics, weightlifting, sepak takraw, kayaking and canoeing, sailing and rowing, judo, fencing, volleyball, and athletics.

Facilities at the School

The school provides free education, coaching, boarding, sports kits, books, exam materials, medical facilities, and insurance. Students are fed nutritious and hygienic food, and regularly take part in training and tournaments around the country and abroad.

School Campus

Spread over 5 acres, the campus includes an indoor stadium for gymnastics, 144-room hostel, 400m track, archery ground, football ground, weightlifting hall, volleyball ground, conditioning hall, 2 dining halls, and 2 conference halls. The school has sought a sports science block, a swimming pool, and a synthetic track. The government has sanctioned equipment worth Rs. 1 crore.


Presently 61 Staff serving the institution in different categories i.e., Coaching staff, Teaching staff, Hostel staff, Administration staff, Medical staff and other staff are serving in the institution.


The Telangana State Sports School will be conducted in 3 tier system every year to pick up high potential students in the State for admission of students into the 4th class.

  1. Mandal level
  2. District level
  3. State level

The following Tests are to be conducted during the Selections
a) Anthropometric
• Height
• Weight

b) Motor qualities
• 30 mtr. Flying Start
• Standing Broad Jump
• 6 x 10 mtrs. shuttle run
• Standing Vertical Jump
• Flexibility (Forward bend and reach)
• 1 kg. Medicine ball put
• 800 mtr. Run

c) Medical
• Age Verification
• Norms for Age verification

If any variation between student age certificate and Doctor’s assessed age the student should be disqualified and the student will be omitted from the merit list. In specific cases, it may referred to R.M.O certification.

Medical Tests Procedure
• Bony abnormalities
• Norms for Bony abnormalities: if the student has the below abnormalities
• Knock Knee (++)
• Flat Feet (+)
• Spinal disorders
• Heart problems
• Bow legs (++) & correlated with Battery Test
• Any other specific abnormalities

Then he/she should not be selected for the tests.